About Jenny

Hire Jennifer to Speak at Your Next Inspired Gathering

14671082_10153838395992274_1249413995958337836_nJennifer is the bestselling author of WTF to OMG,Happy on Purpose, and The Gratitude Transformation Journal. She is a teacher, certified personal trainer, Ironman triathlete, single mother, and storyteller who is here to liberate the lost and the overwhelmed fro m the day to day grind of mindless obligations so that they can find their way back to happy!

She is a self-proclaimed personal development junkie who has changed her own life simply by changing her mind. Over ten years ago, Jennifer experienced what she calls a “WTF Moment” and decided she was done with her current level of misery. She stopped blaming others for her situation and took full responsibility for creating change. She got seriously clear about what she wanted and began to use the power of focus, gratitude and curiosity to redefine her experiences.

Jennifer is the owner of SWIFTKICK Life and is the creator of The Inspire the Fire Within Wellness Retreat and The LIFEMAP Productivity + Life Planner. She is the host of the GET HAPPY NOW podcast on iTunes and Stitcher. Her mission in life is to help others understand that if they step up and into their lives they can move from WTF to OMG just like she did!

Speaking gives Jennifer a chance to connect with larger groups of people by sharing her story and her work. She is excited to be able to offer her services to entertain and educate your group. With over 15 years of teaching experience, she can easily modify her content to meet the needs of different learners and diverse audiences. Please contact her to discuss your specific needs. Jennifer has presented at literary events, medical retreats, corporate conferences, and youth groups. She also runs her own workshops and retreats but can cater these for your group as well.

AS SEEN in Tiny Buddha®, Inspire Me Today®, Fine Lifestyles Magazine, Good Enough Mother, Kim Dolan Leto and on the stages of the SHETA/ASHA Conference, WIMWiN Conference, Word on the Street, and Saskatchewan Cancer Agency. Guest on John Gormley Live & CFCR Radio Book Club.